Help the environment – Recycle your toner cartridges!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the toner and Inkjet cartridges you consume at home and work? It’s probably quite a large number and the majority of us will just throw these away. Did you know that around 7 million toner cartridges are discarded in the UK annually and only a very small percentage are recycled? This is not only wasteful but also terribly expensive. The nice thing is that there is another option!

There’s a number of companies out there who will take your old cartridges, recycle them by refilling them with consumable and then sell them on at a reduced price. Most of the time, the end product of these cartridges is indistinguishable from a brand new cartridge. We’ve been using recycled cartridges at home for some time now and I can’t say I notice any difference from before (or even from the branded ones we use at work)

So come on, do your bit! Switch to recycled cartridges today and help save the environment.


  1. My office supply retailer recently installed a kiosk for recycling ink cartridges, and my HP Inkjet cartridges now come with a postage-paid envelope for recycling. We all need to do our part to not overload landfills with usable/reusable products that will not degrade if buried.

  2. Visting by way of the carnival. I’ve been recycling my toner cartridges for awhile now. Saves money and it’s good for the environment… Can’t beat that!

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