iPhone is finally here

So, the iPhone has hit the market and looks like the gadget to have. There has been lots of talk as to what it could look like (check out the iPhone Concept Blog) but we finally get to feast our eyes on the real thing!

So, what does it consist of? Well, it’s:

  • A widescreen iPod
  • A touchscreen mobile phone
  • A wifi-enabled Internet device

And those are just the headline points! It sports some great technology including motion, proximity and ambient light sensors, a multi-touch touchscreen, quad-band GSM, WiFi, EDGE and Bluetooth, visual voicemail and a whole bunch of other really really cool stuff. I NEED ONE OF THESE!!!

Interesting to note that Apple’s value increased by a whopping $6.1 billion as soon as the device was announced, while the value of Palm and RIMM dropped $2.2 billion. More here

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