The Venice Project Beta-Test – Vista woes

Just checking my email and noticed I’ve been approved for The Venice Project’s Beta-Testing Program. It’s pretty exciting stuff. If you haven’t heard about The Venice Project, it’s a project being developed by the team behind Skype aiming to change the way TV is transmitted over the Internet. It uses peer-to-peer technology to ensure great quality for everyone watching TV. I had signed up for the beta program some time back, but I’ve only just got the invitation.

So, I popped down to the Beta Test Website, logged in, downloaded the software, installed it .. and got the following popup:

Looks like the software still isn’t quite tailored for Vista, and I still don’t know enough about Vista to hack around. Will have to try it out on my XP box.

I don’t have any invites yet, but if I get any, is anyone interested in an invite ?


  1. I don’t have any invites to give out at the moment, but as soon as I do, you’ll know about it !

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