Better Marketing on MySpace

Excellent post on MarketingProfs talking about the benefits, and also the pitfalls of marketing yourself or your company on MySpace. Stephan Spencer talks about some notable failures like Blockbuster UK, 7Eleven, and Meijer as well as some outstanding successes, such as the likes of Apple Computer, the Orlando Magic (the movie studio that produced Superman Returns and Borat), and the musical artist “Weird Al” Yankovic.

If you’re responsible for managing an online presence, whether it’s a personal one or a corporate one; there’s some useful information in the article. The author has been tracking MySpace for a number of months and has noticed some valuable trends. He also shares some insight from a company that claims it attained a measurable degree of success from MySpace, the online jewelry retailer Pugster.

Here’s an interesting statistic I picked up from the article. Did you know that over half the people who visit MySpace are 35 or older; and over two thirds are over 25? So, if you thought it was just a playground for teenagers to mess around and make friends; thing again. MySpace is a powerful force heading your way.

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