Ward off infections

How long has it been since you’ve been infected by a virus? I am pleased to say that it’s been practically years since I’ve had a problem; and the secret is to keep well protected. The first things I install on any machine I configure are an anti-virus package and an anti-spyware package.

So, which package do I usually choose? Well, you can go for a paid package like Norton 2007 which has a big company behind it as well as a Help and Support Forum, or you can go for a free package like AVG Antivirus. Again, when you’re looking for an Anti-spyware package, there’s some good free ones on the market. My product of choice at the moment is Microsoft Defender which once again is free.

So, my advice here is to always make sure you’re covered. If you don’t want to spend anything, check out the free options suggested above. If you have the budget and want support, check out Norton.

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