PayPerPost Puzzle

Yet another PayPerPost puzzle! I love the guys down at PayPerPost; they have a really positive attitude to everything they do and the name of the game seems to be fun, fun fun!

So what’s this all about then? Well, one of their staff came on holiday to Europe, took a whole bunch of photos with her hp camera and made a collage of her trip. They have now broken the puzzle down into a number of pieces which are spread around the web for people to find. The first person to put together all the pieces wins a $1000 prize, think of all the Smarties you could buy with that! If you trawl through my blog you’ll see that this is the 3rd time they’re running this sort of competition. Yours truly was lucky enough to win the first one. The prize pot was smaller, but it certainly was a thrilling experience!

Here’s lucky number 5 of the puzzle. Start collecting now!

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