Payperpost acquires Performancing

You might have heard in the latest tech news that PayPerPost
has acquired Performancing
. I first met Performancing a few months ago when I
started using their blogging plugin for
. This enables you to blog straight from your browser and quickly embed
links and extracts from pages you visit.

Performancing has grown since then and now includes tools to measure how your website
is performing, as well as to sell advertising space on your blog.

So what does this mean for PayPerPost? PayPerPost
already has created a marketplace where bloggers get paid
to blog
. The addition of Performancing to their family brings another 28,000 bloggers
to the fold and are a captive audience for PayPerPost’s offering. It also proves to
be a consolidation of services for advertisers and internet marketeers where they
can go to one place and get a range of services.

So, I’ve checked out the blogger marketplace on Performancing, and I’ve also added
Performancing metrics to my site. I had been using Google Analytics, but never really
got any use out of it, so will be giving Performancing a try. The main thing I noticed
was that although both services are offered by one organisation, the integration between
them was far from seamless. I had to set my blog up for the Marketplace, then I had
to set it up once again for the metrics. One thing I hope PayPerPost will be doing
in the near future is to make all service that bloggers can use; rather than sign
up multiple times for different things.

It will be fun to see how the next few months shape up

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