Which AntiVirus do you use?

There’s a number of Anti-virus packages on the market, ranging from free packages
like AVG, all the way to complete suites like Norton Antivirus. The nice thing about
Norton is that it covers a number of infection vectors with one comprehensive solution.
Norton has always focused on providing complete toolkits that cover a number of areas.
Back in the day when floppy disks were 5 1/4 inches in size and hard disks were a
rarity, my favourite set of utilites was Norton Utilities. They had a tool for everything
and filled a number of gaps that MSDOS left open. Since they moved into the AV market,
I haven’t really heard any complaints about the quality of their products so I assume
they’re still pretty good at what they do.

Anyway, if you need protection from viruses and you’re after a package like this head
down to Norton Antivirus 2007 download.
If you’re not sure which Norton package you should go for, there’s a comparison
here. Check it out.

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