PayPerPost’s Unique Selling Proposition

I have mentioned PayPerPost on this blog a number of times before. They are basically
an organisation that provides a marketplace for marketeers to advertise
on blogs
. Blog owners get paid for the post/review/buzz that they generate and
they are slowly building up a community of bloggers and advertisers who believe in
this idea.

Is this a novel idea? Well, rather, but there have already been marketplaces for this
sort of thing available before PPP entered the market. So what makes PPP so unique
and so well loved by all it’s bloggers? I sincerely believe it’s the sense of community
that they are fostering. They do this by being totally transparent about how the company
is run, what initiatives they are taking on and by listening to all (repeat ALL) comments
that people have about their services (i.e. not just the good stuff). This sort of
behaviour instills a sense of confidence in what the organization is doing and promotes
a sense of maturity and trust amongst it’s members. If you’re interested in how they
are doing this, check out the blog and the forums.
Let me know if you need an introduction …

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