There’s a
new search engine waiting in the wings called Megaglobe
– New International Search Engine
. According to this
press release
Megaglobe is trying to differentiate itself from other search engines
by focusing on preventing and eradicating click fraud. According to the press release,
Megaglobe’s engineers have been working on their anti-click fraud technology for almost
a year, so there must be something awesome under the covers (you’d expect). It will
also have search results available in 45 different languages and ads running around
the world in 50 countries.

At the moment, if you pop down to Megaglobe‘s
website you cannot make use of any search functionality, but you can add as many URLs
as you want to the Megaglobe’s index.

The question is, does the world need another search engine? And the answer is a resounding
YES! It’s a process essential to the maturity of the industry, as more choice is made
available to the market and poorer offerings get forgotten and die off. So, good luck
Megaglobe. I wish you all the success your niche has to offer!

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