Giving Magnetic a Spin

I’m trying out a new desktop/screensaver manager at the moment called Magnetic.
It basically gives you access to 1000s of great photos which you can use as your windows
desktop. It also has the ability to cycle through these (and personal photos) and
have a different wallpaper every time you look at your computer. The other side of
the package is a set of screensavers which you can download and choose from and run
on your machine. There seems to be a huge range available, and I’m pretty sure anyone
can find one or more they like.

The product is free at the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if users will end up
getting charged in the long run. The company who owns the product also makes IncrediMail. IncrediMail is
a pretty great email package which lets you brighten up your emails with fonts, emoticons,
backgrounds, sounds and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. It also has email notifiers
which pop up on screen to tell you you have mail (just like the movies). I liked IncrediMail so
much that I actually went out and paid for the package. The thing I didn’t like about IncrediMail was
that at a later stage they decided to change their pricing policy and charge extra
for the in-built spam filter, and also charge extra for their Gold Gallery. I didn’t
want the extras, but it’s pretty frustrating knowing you paid for a product you don’t
have full service from. Frustrating, but I’m still using IncrediMail for all it’s cool visuals.

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