Making the case for VOIP

It can be strange when you think the whole world knows about something and the illusion is shattered. I was speaking go to someone this morning who didn’t have a clue what VOIP was all about. So I thought I’d put some details here in case any of my readers were also in the dark.

Basically, VOIP (Voice Over IP) is a technology that uses data networks to transmit audio signals. Thanks to the fact that the Internet (essentially a data network) spans the globe, VOIP allows people to talk to each other for just the cost of their Internet connection. VOIP providers also have connection to the normal telephone system (PSTN), which give VOIP users the ability to dial a normal phone at cheaper rates than if they had to place a normal phone call. It’s an exciting technology and the more people who use it, the more prevalent it will become resulting in lower costs for everyone.

Here are some VOIP-related resources which might be useful

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