Knowledge is Power

Don’t you find it frustrating when the world knows something that you don’t? I’ve
always had a thirst for knowledge and like learning about things just for the sake
of learning. I also like finding shortcuts and useful things that make your life easier
and get a buzz from sharing these with people.

So this morning, I learnt about a website that
lets you find alternative telephone numbers for 0870 numbers. 0870 numbers are charged
at 4p/min which, in today’s “free landline calls” and VOIP world, is relatively
expensive. Excellent, I can make use or my free
landline VOIP service
to call 0870 numbers now.

So, while speaking to my better half, I mentioned that I found a service that helps
you avoid calling 0870 number. “You mean”
she asked. Looking on the site itself, it looks like it has been mentioned on BBC
TV, BBC Radio 2, The Guardian, Which Magaine, Readers Digest and many more places.

*grumble* I hate finding things out last ..

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