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And now for some fun. I came across the Aviva Trivia Blog and had a few laughs. Aviva is actually a search directory but the trivia blog is really aimed at the lighter side. There’s lots of fun facts about everything you can think about. Here are some facts I learnt today:

  • When you cough, air rushes out of your windpipe faster than the speed of sound.
  • Jukeboxes were originally called “Automatic Coin-Operated Phonographs”
  • You can actually get a job as a “Chicken Sexer”, “Eye bank procurer” or “Fish Liver Sorter”
  • Most people can outrun a killer bee
  • Napalm was invented in 674 by a Syrian architect

But my favourite section is the one titled “Useless Facts about Shaving” which includes the following gems like the fact that an average trim shaves between 20,000-25,000 hairs from a man?s face.

Anyway, go check it out. One thing I can say: I’m certainly ready for my next round of Trivia Pursuit! Great way to end the day huh ?

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