BCS: Talk on Component-based Development

The Isle
of Man Branch of the BCS
are holding a talk on Component-based Development next
week, given by Dr Ben Fairfax from Webcab
 Here’s the synopsis:

Overview: A Software Component (i.e. DLL or JAR) is a piece of technical
or business functionality embedded within a self-contained software artifact which
can be re-used across an organisation or industry. The value of Software Components
is that they enable the re-use of software which leads to significant reductions in
the cost, time and expertise required in order to undertake a given software development

Topics Covered:

0) Introduction: What are Business Software Components? How Components
turn business domain experts into programmers and programmers into business domain

1) Modern Component Platforms: Which platforms support components and how? The advantages
and disadvantages of the various platforms?

2) Using Components: How to use a Component within the three generic types of client

3) Making Components: How can an existing development team most efficiently start
creating re-usable software component packages? Here we will detail many aspects of
our internal development process and build systems which have been refined over a
number of years which enable a team to efficiently create multi-platform software
component packages.

About the Speaker: Ben is originally from West Sussex (England) and
was educated at the Universities of London, Cambridge and MIT (US). After completing
his PhD in Mathematics in 1999, Ben founded WebCab
a software Component vendor in Bucharest, Romania. In April this year
he relocated himself, and his business to the Isle of Man and continues to develop
Component Based Software solutions.

Should be interesting. If you’re based in the Isle of Man and interested in technology
you should come. Date/Venue: Thursday 21 September 2006 at the Hilton
Hotel, Douglas. 6.00 PM

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