Don’t mess with Meridio

Came in this morning and we had a problem with Meridio reporting the following error:

So, are any good troubleshooter would do, I went to Google and searched for “Meridio Internal ClientAPI error“. No results. “Okay”, I said to myself; “Let’s make it more general”. I tried “Meridio problem”, “Meridio issue”, “Meridio forums”. Nothing useful at all. It seems there’s a striking lack of public knowledge about how to deal with Meridio problems … or maybe it’s not as popular as the marketing brochures seem to indicate. Major pain in the neck!

Turns out we solved the problem by retracing the actions of one of the developers the previous day. He had turned Anonymous Access on for the MeridioSOAP application to try and get his code to run; without realising that the Meridio presentation layer makes uses of the same API. Switching the IIS setting to what it had been originally solved the problem. But we would still be fighting for a solution if I hadn’t overheard
what he had done yesterday. I’m getting more and more wary of Meridio

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