Free 1970s Arcade Games (Source code for VS Express)

*grin* if you’re messing around with Visual
Studio 2005 Express
, here’s some source you can download, compile and play. Excellent
samples to learn game creation basics and mess around with the free version of Visual

The year was 1972, bell bottoms were all the rage, the
US was in Vietnam, The Price is Right premiered on CBS, the Dallas Cowboys had just
won Superbowl VI, the Godfather was the top grossing film, and on November 29th, Atari
released a game called Pong. With Pong and Atari, the game industry was born.

33 years later, computer games are as popular as ever
and since we all have an “inner child” that loves gaming we recently released three
new Starter Kits, source code, documentation, and videos so you can learn
how to build your own game using Visual Studio Express.

The games are available in both VB and C# and include:

  • Tiny Tennis (Pong clone) in VB or C#
  • Space Blitz (Space Invaders clone) in VB or C#
  • Crusader (2D Adventure game) in VB or C#

The games show the fundamental steps needed to create
your own games like a game loop, collision detection, movement, and more.

To learn more, visit and
be entered into a sweepstakes to win a full-size Namco/Galaga arcade game machine!

Fernandez’s Blog : Learn how to create classic arcade games using Express

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