How to lose blog subscribers

Chris Garrett, part of the Performancing team
(and yes, I’m using Performancing to post
this entry – love it), had posted a great article on 10 ten reasons why people drop
you feed. Here’s the high level:

  1. Hardly post and when you do it is to apologise for not posting
  2. Re-post boingboing or some other popular
    blog, or copy and paste press releases
  3. Only ever write when in a bad mood, drunk or have nothing to say
  4. Constant unrelenting negativity
  5. Bang on about the same old gripe day after day
  6. Talk down to your audience like they are idiots
  7. Be incomprehensible
  8. Be elitist
  9. Be needy
  10. Constant irrelevance

There’s more meat at the actual article, and all-in-all it’s great advice for anyone
running a blog. Thanks Chris!

Read the whole article here: 10 Ways
To Lose RSS Subscribers |

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