Four Things

And here comes another meme.
Following Clagnut‘s example, here
are my Four

Four Jobs I?ve Had

  1. Pool Boy
  2. Office Applications Instructor
  3. Customer Services Rep
  4. Shop Attendant

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

  1. The Fifth Element
  2. The Usual Suspects
  3. Lord of the Rings
  4. Pulp Fiction

Four Places I?ve Lived

  1. Douglas, Isle of Man
  2. Staines, UK
  3. San Gwann, Malta
  4. Melbourne, Australia



Shows I Love

  1. Firefly
  2. Battlestar Galactica
  3. Star Trek (all series)
  4. First Wave

Four Places I?ve Been On Holiday

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Alice Springs, Australia
  3. Hong Kong, China
  4. Paris, France

Four of My Favorite Dishes

  1. Rabbit cooked in wine
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese
  3. Crispy shredded beef in chilli sauce
  4. Trifle

Four Sites I Visit Daily

  1. My blog
  2. The Register
  3. Ananova

Four Places I Would Rather Be Now

  1. Asleep
  2. On an Alaskan cruise
  3. Piazza San Marco in Venice
  4. Enjoying the view on top of Ayers Rock

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging

  1. Rory

  2. David
  3. Toni
  4. Mark

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