Excellent Defragging Tool

Iain sent me a link to an excellent Defragging tool that’s miles better than the one
that ships with Windows. Here’s the feature list:

  • Can be run by any user (service needs to be installed by an administrator).

  • Complete whole-disk defragging, including private operating system files.

  • Multiple instances can be run simultaneously (if you have multiple disks).

  • Individual file defragging, with wildcards and recursion. This mode is an opportunistic
    defragger, marginally better than Diskeeper in that it will at least defrag the file
    as best it can rather than not at all.

  • Defrags NTFS, FAT** and FAT32** filesystems on any media (HD,
    Floppy, etc).

  • A “shotgun” mode, where it severely fragments files. Useful for testing or really
    annoying someone.

  • Individual file fragmentation analysis. Find out where on disk a file resides, and
    how many fragments it’s in.

  • 100% safe and interruptable. This program doesn’t actually move the files – the OS
    does it. Even if you suffer a power failure while it’s working, you run no higher
    risk of file system corruption than you would if you had happened to be saving a file
    from any application.

  • Boot-time defragmentation.

Check it out: Defrag

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