Setting up Keyworld ADSL in Malta

I’ve just spent a couple of days trying to configure my ADSL router
while in Malta. It turned out to be much trickier than I thought, as there doesn’t
seem to be any information online as to what settings you need. Eventually, after
scavenging some settings from different Maltese
s, getting some advice from my mate Cedric and
using the configuration of the ADSL modem
that was configured here previously, I managed to put together a configuration set
that worked. Thought I might as well blog them for posterity:

ADSL Configuration for Keyworld (Malta)

Encapsulation: PPPoA VC-Mux
VPI: 8
VCI: 48
Service Category: UBR
MRU: 1492
MTU: 1492
MSS: 1432
Modulation: G.dmt

You obviously also need your username and password 🙂

If anyone needs are more information, just drop
me a line

P.S. The settings above are for Keyworld, but
as most Maltese ADSL suppliers use a common infrastructure (DataStream),
I would expect the settings for other Maltese ISPs to be fairly similar.

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