Awesome evening at the Texas Embassy

Great fun at the Geek Meet held at the Texas
yesterday. Met some new people and some old friends; and even got myself
a Channel 9 Guy!!
Here’s some photos:

Lots of fun and drink to be had by everyone
I wasn’t sure which 9
to pick, so I picked the first one to climb up my beer.

Was good to see some old friends. Here are Paul and Ola.
Hmm .. all those geeks in one place .. look how many BlueTooth devices
were discoverable !
A random stranger takes my blood
. Actually .. it was Tom
! Never met the guy before, but now his blog is in my aggregator.
That’s how Geek
work 🙂
Place started to fill up quite nicely. There were more than 100 people apparently.
Paul and Ola enjoying their fajitas (and
beer of course)
Lots of people enjoying their fajitas
Even more people enjoying their fajitas
Hugh says a few words to warm up the crowd
The crowd listen enthralled
Scoble says a few words. Actually
it was a rather more than a few; but really interesting stuff. He basically gave his
views on a number of things; particularly how blogs are changing the corporate world
by promoting a new era of transparency by bringing corporations and clients even closer
together than before. Great stuff from the man himself!
The 9 Guy on his
ride home .. exhausted after all that networking.

All in all, it was a great evening. More details, including links to photos and podcasts here

The only question in my mind is .. when’s the next one ?

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