Microsoft CRM qualification

Just got my Microsoft CRM Applications Professional qualification this morning. Proved to be easier than I origianlly thought it would be. The trick to learning how to use an application is to adopt the language and semantics that are relevant to that technology. Once you’ve mastered what things are called; focusing on how things are done is much easier; and then picking up what the package can offer is intuitive.

I’ve never really used a CRM package in anger before I started preparing for this exam; and I quite like what CRM offers. I’ve worked with a number of small to mid-size clients in the past and most of them use rudimentary tools to manage client tasks, or have manual sales processes. Microsoft CRM 1.2 provides a repository for capturing all that; and adds a level of automation which can streamline both sales and customer support; making one’s business more effective and agile. I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt sometime in the future.

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