Google maps the UK …

Google ROCKS …

As predicted just a few days ago, Google has this morning launched UK versions of its local and mapping services. Yes, you can now find Pizzas in Plymouth with the aid of everybody’s favourite search engine.

The services appear broadly similar to their US counterparts, and are apparently accompanied at the launch by a UK version of Google SMS. Its subdomain isn’t yet active, but a direct link (below) works.

There are a few problems with the mapping data though. Some streets appear fine; however, it appears other areas, particularly where streets have been redrawn, renamed and so on, throw up some pretty strange results. Also, there isn’t yet a satellite picture service for the UK.

Posting on the Google Blog, Richard Boardman, Usability Analyst, said: “I guess my colleagues got tired of my moaning, so I’m delighted to introduce Google Local UK and Google Maps UK. The Google UK office and a few of us homesick Brits in California have been helping out with the development.”

View: Google Local UK | Google Maps UK | Google SMS UK

View: Google Local US | Google Maps US | Google SMS US

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