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Some BizTalk Reading from Scott Woodgate’s blog ..

..Below are 5 new whitepapers on various aspects of the product. I’d like to personally thank all the whitepaper authors below. These papers are still “beta” so feel free to provide feedback in the comments and we will address what is required. The whitepapers are hosted in the msn group biztalkserverstuff as my personal web space just ran out of quota…

BizTalk Server 2004 Web Services (Brian Loesgen) Overview of Web Services support in BizTalk, including how to call a .Net web service from BizTalk and how to expose BizTalk orchestrations as a web service.

BizTalk Server Internal Workings (Internal Gurus) A deep architectural view into how BizTalk works internally. This paper covers everything from the pub\sub model, how a subscription matching is performed, promoted property and routing to scaling out using host instances and multiple message boxes.

SQL Adapter Deepdive (Todd Uhl) This whitepaper provides some general knowledge about the SQL Adapter. It gives suggestions about when to use the SQL Adapter and how to retrieve, insert, update and delete data. The filename is “SQL Adapter”

Convoy Deep Dive (Stephen Thomas) Covers the business scenarios where convoy is applicable, how convoy works (sequential / parallel, uniform / non uniform). This paper is complete with a excellent demo walk through (code included) that has a nifty zombie viewer tool!

Extending BizTalk Server with Host Integration Server (Jon Fancy) This is a very comprehensive paper that starts by introducing BizTalk solutions to Host Integration Server customers, followed by a walk-thru with examples of extensibility with HIS via the db2 adapter, his-pipeline component, mq series, SSO etc.

[Scott Woodgate’s E-Business Outbursts]

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