What CEOs want from CIOs

I was reading an old issue of Computer Weekly and
came across an interesting article written by David
, author of The
Naked Leader
, a best-selling management book. One of the side panels listed the
top 7 skills CEOs want from IT directors. Good advice for anyone wanting to push their
career in that direction, so I thought I’d share the points here:

Language: Speak in English, and business English at that

Be a hero: Be a half-full person, not half-empty. Never play the
victim. I am on your side and always will be if I have confidence in you.

Control your personal brand: I have no way of proving how good you
are on paper, so your success comes down to what I and others think of you. That is
your reach (how many people know you) and your reputation (what they think of you).
You have a brand, you must decide whether to take control.

Influence and Persuasion: See the world from out customers’ view.
And please, never call me a “user”. There is only one other industry that uses that
term – drugs. 🙂

Perception: It is not what you do that determines what people think
of you, it is what people think you do. Perception is everything, so focus on relationships,
rapport and trust.

Leadership: Your role is to awaken the leaders within your team,
and yourself.

Business: Be business first, business always. Understand accounts.
Be a business person and your career will flourish. Be a technologist and your career
will stop in its tracks.

Interesting thoughts, plenty to ponder on, especially the final point I thought.


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