Microsoft Architectural Resources

Jonathan, one of my colleagues at work sent out the following links to System Architectural Guidance provided by Microsoft. There’s an MSDN Architecture Webcast here and a link to order free Architecture Resources here. The free stuff includes

  • Architect Journal: This quarterly journal is written by architects for architects and explores a range of architectural themes and concepts, providing a range of thought-provoking articles.
  • Architect Resource CD: These CDs are produced quarterly and cover the following topics; Tools and Methods, Modelling and Architecture, Operations and Management (available March 2005) and Connected Systems (available June 2005). The CDs provide access to presentations, articles, website, books and webcasts related to each specific topic.
  • Architect Webcast CD: This CD features more than 30 of the most popular Microsoft architecture webcasts. These are interactive, online presentations on key architectural issues by Microsoft and other experts, followed by question-and-answer sessions.

A must-have for anyone in the business!!

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