Hosting Controller

It’s been a few weeks since I moved this blog to the new
and everything seems to be running smoothly. My new hosting provider uses a
package called Hosting Controller and
it’s great to be able to do all the maintenance I want on my websites without having
to rely on anyone. Besides letting you create websites, stop and start websites, modify
ACLs on the file system, change host headers and a bunch of other server maintenance
tasks, Hosting Controller also
manages the reselling aspect of your sites, allowing you to sell webspace and chunks
of bandwidth on to third parties, keep an eye on how much they are using and manage
the billing aspects of that. It also lets you set up and manage databases (SQL
, MySQL etc), email, statistics and
even has a Support Ticketing system. Here’s a list of features.

There’s an online demo if
you’re interested in seeing what the functionality looks like.

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