Webmaster tools

There’s a few online tools out there that no webmaster should be without. They’re
free, and they help ensure that the people visiting your site are getting what you

  • ChangeNotes.com – Watches a specified webpage
    and notifies you if there’s any changes. Useful if you want to make sure that a page
    doesn’t get changed due to an error, accident or malicious action
  • InternetSeer.com – Sends
    you an email if your site experiences an outage, whether it’s a network problem, server
    problem or page problem. They have different levels of service, ranging from a free
    one where you fill in a survey and get hourly checks, to a full blown service including
    24/7 tech support on how to cure the problem.

I use InternetSeer all
the time, haven’t actually tried ChangeNotes yet,
but a client asked me about something similar, so I thought I’d pop it in here for
people to try out.

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