Ah … Carlo “Gossip” Zottmann has
a great rant about the latest worm making the rounds. I just had to post it here for
everyone to enjoy … and I’m testing w.bloggar integration 🙂

Another Sobig worm is making its rounds. It doesn’t make use of any hidden security
holes, it solely utilizes the stupidity of people. I still can’t understand why people
are opening attachments from people they don’t know.

So the worm is spreading like a fucking wildfire, scans the infected PC for email
addresses, and sends out mails using the found addresses as either sender or recipient.
Somewhere, it found some of my old company email addresses, and now I’m getting tons
of “you suck, please fuck yourself and die noisily” mails from virus walls and other
companies’ security countermeasures which think I sent those mails.

Within the last 18 hours I got roughly 1300 mails here. Okay, it’s my office account,
but this is the one I couldn’t install SpamBayes for. Fucking great. So right now
I’m constantly finetuning my damn simple Outlook rule based filters, but some are
still coming thru.

I wish virus killers were mandatory. EVERYWHERE. [G-Blog.net
:: Gossip]

Ahh .. so much misdirected anger …

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