WordPress Plugins

I’m going to keep this page as link to all the WordPress plugins I’ve written. Keep coming back to check for more, there’s always something cooking in my pot *grin*

Revenue Generation

  • WP Auctions – WP Auctions is a revolutionary plugin for WordPress which allows you to host auctions on your blog and to sell ANYTHING, completely fee-free!
  • SponsorMe – Plugin to run a sponsorship campaign that lets friends and family contribute to a target amount.

Comment Enhancements

  • Comment Email Responder – A plugin that helps blog owners respond to comments by taking a response to a comment and emailing it to the original commentor, making sure they remain updated with a response.

Sidebar Additions

  • Random Link Button – Add a Random Link Button to your sidebar. Links are automatically taken out of your WordPress Blogroll. Works with or without widgets.
  • GeoWidget – Adds a map showing a particular location in the SideBar of your blog.
  • EntreDroppers – A widget that shows the latest people who have dropped an EntreCard on your blog.

PayPerPost Enhancements

  • PPP Disclosure Badge – This plugin lets you easily integrate PayPerPost’s disclosure badge code with your website. Just activate the plugin, enter your 6 character code and you’re done!
  • PPP Review My Post Button – This plugin will automatically add your PayPerPost “Review My Post” button to the bottom of every post. You get the option to specify which pages you want this to appear on.


  1. I like the idea… when I go to save options, I get this error “Cannot load comment-email-responder.php.” I do have the plug activated. I’m not on windows. I added the comment_form but not sure if I did it right. 🙂

  2. I’m using a plugin called Gravatars2 to display people’s gravatars. I’ve modded it so that in the case that people don’t have a gravatar it picks one out of a pool of cool pics 😉

  3. You really have an impressive collection of plug-ins, the random link button is great, keep up te great work!

  4. Thats seriously cool. How did you make the comments work on this blog e.g.

    ISRAEL Windows XP Mozilla Firefox

    Is the one above (Liza)

    Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Is there anyway to get this plugin to work with the SexyComments plugin (http://borkweb.com/story/plugin-sexy-comments-v14-released) which is what I am using to display my comments? I installed correctly and such, when I’m logged into my admin and I try to click the respond to comment image next to a commenter name on the dashboard, I get an error. When I click on the image when I view my comments it says Replying to comment: #, but when I tested it with a comment I wrote it never sent an email?

    I also don’t have the notify me of followup comments via email check box 🙁

  6. I installed it on alwaysalli.com and crumleyblog.com. It seems to be working. But I am looking forward to your addition of being able to send to multiple users. It will help a lot.

  7. All plugins are really great, actually if i need to modify my sidebar code than how is it possible? can any one post plugins which allow me to do such thing? waiting for reply.

  8. Which plugin do you use on the posts to “add to technorati” “add to facebook” etc.

    Get back to me on my blog.


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