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Izea drops cost of sponsored post to $1

Just received an interesting email from Izea about Oppapalooza: As you know we recently made some changes to the PayPerPost platform. While the feedback regarding our interface refinement has been great, we have also received some concerns relating to our pricing adjustments. I am sensitive… Read more »

Izea gets leaner and meaner

Image by Wendy Piersall via Flickr I came across a post on Izea’s blog talking about their latest release to their PayPerPost platform. Here’s what Ted (IZEA’s CEO) said: When SocialSpark launched we adjusted its margins to create a model that would be profitable for… Read more »

Leveraging Social Media

What do all these people love? Yup, you guess it, we’re all big fans of Pringles. Ted Murphy from Izea posted to Twitter that he was looking for some Pringlish pictures for his presentation at Cincinnati AMA Digital Marketing Summit and he got responses from… Read more »

Cutest Kid @ FuelMyBlog

Kevin down at FuelMyBlog is running a competition together with TheCuteKid, a website that holds a monthly competition to find the cutest kid culminating in “The Cutest Kid of the Year 2008” with a $25,000 college tuition fund. Anyway, while reading about the competition I… Read more »

User Generated Christmas Content

This Christmas has been pretty innovative for a lot of people. Not for me, as I spent most of my time away from home visiting family in Malta. However, getting back to the office, I’ve found a huge selection of custom-made eCards, greeting movies and… Read more »

Plan your perfect trip

What do you get if you cross a travel site and a social networking site?RealTravel is the answer. It’s a travel site which encourages it’s viewers to submit blog entries about their travels, what they enjoyed and what they hated and their recommendations for other… Read more »

Interactive Marketing

What’s the best way to generate buzz around your products and services? You can spend millions on media advertising, or you get focus directly on your target segment and let the grapevine do it’s work. Not sure what I mean? Check out the video* below:… Read more »