Third Thursday – May 2013

Hey everyone! It’s Third Thursday again and time for the Social Media Club to meet up again.Time to catch up on Social Media news, time to share your views and time to grab a bite with your Tweeps, Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts.

It’s an open invitation and anyone can come and join us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using Facebook ever since it existed, or whether you’re simply interested in finding out more about Social Media, and how it can help your career or your organisation. Just pop in, we’re a welcoming bunch and always look forward to meeting people with an interest in Social Media.

You all know the time and venue: Paparazzi at 12:30 on Thursday 16th. Come if you can, even if it’s only to grab a coffee and say hello.

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Show us your Waze

I’ve been playing with an interesting service recently called Waze. It’s a hybrid between social networking, location-based services and a mapping application. Once you sign up, you can help Waze map the world around you, then share status updates on the roads you’re travelling on with other users.

All you need to do is to start up Waze on your smart phone and let it track your location. It figures out your speed from your GPS updates and lets people on the same route know when you’re approaching slow moving traffic. You also earn points by helping them map different points and roads.

Sounds interesting? If so, check out the guided tour, and if you have a smartphone, download the app

Third Thursday – April 2010 – Social Media Club

Mesa Pizza!
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It’s Third Thursday this week and we all know what this means. Time to meet up with your Social Media buddies and catch up with what’s happened over the last month. Yes, it’s that time of the month again and we’re all set to meet up at Paparazzi for a bite with your friends. Get yourself a pizza, get some salad; but you’ll also get yourself a stonking great dose of Social Media.

We’ve been meeting for a few months now, and this one’s no different. If you’re big on Twitter, addicted to Facebook or just curious about Google Buzz, come down and join us. Some of the people you may already know online, some will be newcomers but you know you’ll be welcome. So, drop a comment and we’ll see you there.

Recap: Thursday 15th April – Paparazzi – 12:30

Third Thursday – Feb 2010 – Social Media Club

Silce Pizza Club No. 8: Someone Left the Pie Out in the Rain
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I’ve just noticed that this Thursday is the Third Thursday of the month; and we all know what that means. Yes, it’s Social Media Club day in the Isle of Man and we’ll be meeting up for a pizza down at Paprazzi on the prom. For those who have never been, it’s a social event aimed at users, both novice and experts of Social Media and helps provide a forum for people to discuss ideas, issues and new developments in the field.

Personally I try never to miss them. I do tend to meet lots of people online, but it’s much nicer putting a face to a Tweeter or actually debating an issue (rather than discussing it on a Facebook board). I’ve made a number of friends and contacts this way; people who would otherwise just have been yet another “Friend” on my Facebook Friends List. If you’re working with Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, or one of the plethora of social networks out there, then come along, grab a bite and come socialise with us.

Twitter to start monitising?

I spotted something interesting on my Twitter page just then:

Twitter Advert
Twitter Advert

It looks like Twitter has identified an area on their page which can be used for advertisements and it currently being used to advertised their Search service. Is this the start of mini ads being shown on Twitter? Will Twitter try and flog this space to third -parties? Will the ads be context sensitive?

Lots of questions, does anyone have any answers? The truth is, at some point or other Twitter needs to start monitising it’s service and this would be a great spot to start. What do you think?

Update: Techcrunch have spotted them too

Sell your wares on Twitter

Chirp, chirp!Did you know that you can tap into the awesome power of Twitter to attract people to your products and services? There’s a service called Magpie that taps into people on Twitter to send messages to people who follow them. The interesting thing about Magpie is that it analyses the message streams of Titterers it uses so that any sponsored messages are contextually relevant to the people who follows them. This enables your messages to be targeted to a group who would be interested in something you are offering.

So, for example, if you are trying to sell a data center automation package you probably wouldn’t want to bother teenagers or moms with your message (or pay for their reading it), but would prefer to bring it to the attention of technical support staff or operational managers. Magpie lets you do this effectively without spending too much on your advertising; particularly as it’s a new network so you don’t have to bid against many advertisers at the moment.

Interesting concept, and one to watch as people try out different marketing techniques with new social networks.

The Business Impact of Social Networking

Une représentation de mon réseau social dans Facebook

I came across a great white paper entitled The Business Impact of Social Networking on AT&T’s website. Here’s the blurb:

Social networking fosters collective intelligence, collaborative work and support communities. Tools and behaviors from the consumer world are now making the transition to the corporate world, with diverse implications for changing the way businesses operate. This paper explores 10 opportunities presented by social networking, along with 10 associated challenges.

I found the predictions for the future particularly interesting. Some are intuitive, but some may not necessarily spring off the page at you. Here’s what the paper predicts organisations will do as a result of the proliferation of Social Networking:

  • Corporations will change the way they communicate
  • Corporations will change their vision
  • Corporations will change their organisation
  • Collective Intelligence and Customer Experience will lead Innovation
  • Networking will be key to Employee Excellence
  • Employee mobility will increase
  • Corporations will adapt their Motivation and Career Path Systems
  • IT/Telecoms Applications will mutate
  • Corporate Adoption will happen at different speeds
  • Social Networking may allow Increased Revenue

It’s a good read, particularly if you’re interested or work in social networking. I must say, I do find the subject fascinating and now that I’ve finished my MBA, if I do decide to further my studies, this might be an interesting avenue to explore.