Third Thursday – January 2015

Welcome to the first Third Thursday of the 2015. We’ve been meeting for some time now to talk about Social Media, new websites and apps and all the latest in tech. And who are we you may ask. We’re a group of enthusiasts who got into Social Media early and now use it in our daily lives, our jobs and to keep in touch with family and friends. And every Third Thursday we meet to talk about what’s going on, what’s new in the Social Media world and to share what we’ve learnt in the month.

We meet every Third Thursday at Jabberwocky in Douglas and this month that’s the 15th of January. Come and join us from 12:30 till 14:00, grab a bite to eat or just a coffee if you don’t have the time to stop. It’s an open invitation, anyone can join us and feel free to bring a colleague or friend too.

See you there!

A festive Third Thursday

It’s Third Thursday this week and some of us are getting together for a rather more festive Social Media Club lunch. If you’ve never come before, we’re a group who are interested in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the spate of new Social Networks continually emerging on the scene. We meet once a month to share what we’ve learnt, help and inform each other and catch up on tech news and events that have happened over the month. It’s an open forum, open to anyone who wants a chat, so feel free to join us if you want to learn more or feel you have something to share.

This Thursday will be the last meet-up of this year and bound to be more festive than usual 🙂

Come and join us for some healthy debate about Social Media, new platforms and tech in general. We’ll be meeting at Jabberwocky on Thursday 18th December at 12:30. Join us if you can!

Third Thursday -18th September 2014 – #smc

Third Thursday is upon us again, and as you may know, it’s time for the Manx Social Media Club to meet up for lunch. It’s an open event which can be attended by anyone with an interest in Social Media. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional, or whether you’re just starting to get to grips with the medium, this is an opportunity to come and share ideas, learn new things and meet your online friends in a real-life context.

So come and join us for a spot of lunch. We meet at Jabberwocky in Douglas from 12:30 till 14:00 but feel free to just drop in for a coffee if you can’t make it for the entire lunch. That’s this Thursday 18th September at 12:30. Should be fun!

p.s. The photo is from an evening event, but we have just as much fun 🙂

Third Thursday – April 2014 – Social Media Club

Third Thursday is upon us once again, and as usual, the Social Media Club is meeting for lunch. It’s an opportunity to meet up with people you know online, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other Social Network. We meet to talk about Social Media, but conversation can drift in a variety of directions from there.

It’s an open invitation, anyone can join us; all you need is an interest in Social Media, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, and a desire to share and learn.

We are meeting at Jabberwocky in Douglas at 12:30 on Thursday 17th April. I hope you can join us!

Third Thursday – February 2014 – Social Media Club

Third Thursday is upon us and it’s time for the Isle of Man Social Media Club meetup. We’re a group of individuals passionate about Social Media, using it in our daily and/or professional lives. We meet regularly once a month to share news, ideas and view; and grab a bite to eat while we do it. We’re currently meeting at Jabberwocky in Douglas and our next meet is on Thursday 20th February at 12:30.

If you’re interested in learning more about Social Media, if you’re a fan or want to learn more; then feel free to come and join us. It’s an open event, anyone can turn up and join the debate. Hope to see you there!

Social Media Club – 16th January 2014

Third Thursday comes early this month, and hopefully brings with it a great start to 2014 for the Isle of Man Social Media Club. We’re trying out a new venue and meeting at Jabberwocky at 12:30 (upstairs). It’s an open invitation to anyone interested in Social Media and its impact on our personal and work lives. Come join us for a coffee, a bite and a chat.

To help us refocus, here’s what Social Media Club is all about:

Social Media Club was founded to host conversations that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other. Social Media Club enables you explore your personal and professional passions by helping you connect with a community of your peers based on both geography and areas of interest. We exist to ensure that the world of Social Media does not become an echo chamber of self-reinforcing thoughts, but is instead fueled by diversity of opinion and perspective.

Does that have you interested? If so, come join us a Jabberwocky on the 16th January. We have lots more to share with you!

P.S. If you’re on Facebook, you can add your name to the event page.

Third Thursday – November 2013 – Coffee Exchange #smc

The cold weather is starting to kick in, and what better way to spend your Third Thursday than in the company of friends; your Social Media friends in this case! Yes, it’s time for Social Media Club, which happens every Third Thursday of the month. We get together to grab a bite to eat and catch up on the latest Social Media news, find out what’s new and share what we’ve discovered over the last month.

This month we’re meeting at Coffee Exchange on Athol Street again. We have a table booked like last time and as usual, all your Social Media friends will be there. The invitation is still the same, an opportunity to meet the people you know on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, a chance to catch up on what’s new and exciting in the Social Media world and an audience to discuss any issues and concerns you have; whether they be technical challenges, policy questions or anything else related to Social Media.

It’s an open invitation, anyone can come; regardless on whether you’re an expert on Twitter or looking to test the water with Facebook. Come and join us for lunch at Coffee Exchange on 21st November at 12:30.