Check out the Max Cube

I love seeing campaigns that really engage their target customers. That’s exactly what I was thinking while watching this video of Pepsi’s recent campaign in Southbank and other locations around the UK earlier this year. The campaign consisted of black cube with a countdown designed to capture people’s interest. Once the countdown finished, the cube opened up to let visitors explore a series of zones where their perception of space, orientation and time was challenged. This concluded with an incredible levitating can of Pepsi Max (pretty cool). And finally they were presented with a personalised Pepsi Max drinks bottle as a souvenir of the whole experience.

Here’s a video for you to enjoy:

I wish I had a chance to experience the Max Cube, but I missed it I’m afraid. I think the main highlight is the delight of the people at the end when receiving their personalised souvenirs. How’s that for making the whole experience memorable!

Seeing the world in a brand new light #livefornow

Just came across an awesome video featuring Dynamo and Pepsi:

The video is pushed out by SpreadItFast, a media company specialising in creating and amplifying trends in technology, fashion and lifestyle spheres.

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. So, anyone know how he does it?