Here’s a Honeypot

European Honey Bee Touching DownHaven’t had a Honeypot for some time, so here are some links to keep you distracted over the weekend:

Have a great read!

Honeypot Friday

It’s been a crazy week at work so far, so I haven’t really had the time to post anything decent to the blog today (SHOCK! HORROR!), so here’s some linky goodness to keep you all busy. Looking for something interesting to read? Here’s a honeypost for you.

Should keep you all busy for a bit 😉

Blog Links

Ah, it’s nice to have my blog back. Here’s some links I collected while the blog was offline:

Hmm .. that’s a pretty eclectic mix of stuff I find interesting. Wierd huh?

Can’t keep a bad demon down

I used to love watching Anime as a kid. We used to get lots of Italian TV back in Malta and there were always some Japanese cartoons on (with Italian voice-overs of course). So I quite enjoyed watching: SuperPope in Can’t keep a bad demon down. Flash-based Anime is quite an interesting concept and I think the medium does lend itself well to the style. Check it out ..

And here’s an interview with David Rutledge, the brains behind SuperPope.