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Become a Super Ninja with Firebrand

Screenshot 2014-04-14 22.32.50

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Firebrand, but they’re one of the top IT trainers around with training centres all around the world! They offer intensive fully-inclusive courses, with accommodation and food supplied on-site, 12 hr training days and labs available 24-hours a… Read more »

We’re off to Tuscany …

Image via Wikipedia Well, not quite now! .. But following that competition everyone voted for us in, I’ve found out that we’ve actually managed to get the top number of votes and therefore won the competition to go to Tuscany. That’s great news, but I… Read more »

Give us a vote: Send us to Tuscany

I’ve just entered a competition by FuelMyBlog who are working with to send a couple on a great holiday to Tuscany. Rules are simple, the person with the most votes wins, so check out our entry below and go ahead and vote for us!… Read more »

BenSpark’s holding a contest

Just got a Tweet from BenSpark who’re running a contest with some T-shirts to give away. I was singled out because I had commented on a previous competition of his because it was only open to people in the US. This one, however, is international,… Read more »

The winner of the Twitter Mug is ..

Congrats to Elizabeth (@Table4Five) for coming up first in my Twitter Mug competition. The draw was very random, I dumped people’s names in bits of paper and got Arthur to pick one our of a bucket. (I really wanted a hat, but couldn’t find one,… Read more »

Xmas fun: Win yourself a Twitter Mug

My Twitter Mug (which I bought from CrowdedInk) has proved to be so popular that I thought it would be fun to organise a Christmas competition and offer a free mug to the winner! That’s right, here’s your opportunity to win a mug with the… Read more »

Congratulations, BenSpark is off to Vegas!

photo credit: .klash If you’ve been following my posts over the last few weeks you’d have noticed that I was taking part in a competition organised by PicApp and FuelMyBlog. Well, the competition is now over and the winner has been announced. The winner was… Read more »