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backup Archives

Finally sorted out my Cloud Backup!

umbrella storage

I’ve been looking for a decent backup service ever since my wife promised to skin me alive if I lost any of our family photos! I’ve played with a variety of different methods including dumping folders to disk, syncing photos from my machine to another… Read more »

Are you backing up online?

There are a number of ways of backing up your data, but the one that has really taken off in the last few years is storage in the Cloud. That’s the name given to the variety of online backup technologies that let you take a… Read more »

My NAS box is boring

Well, I’ve had my Buffalo LinkStation for a few days now and it certainly does what it says on the tin. I copied all my media across, backed up all my stuff and now I know they’re all safe. The problem is, now that I… Read more »

Make sure you have backups

I was speaking to a Phil, a friend of mine who runs a limo service here in the Isle of Man and who’s had a spot of bother with his PC. He had trouble for a few days, tried a system restore and ended up… Read more »

If this blog looks weird ..

.. over the next few hours, don’t be alarmed. I’m implementing a new theme that will give this blog a complete makeover. It’s going to look totally different by the end of it, but I’m using a theme that is so customisable that it will… Read more »

Breakdown in communication

Here’s a great post about how effective communication can be the only way a problem can be resolved. It’s a story about an issue with a server backup which took 11 hours to backup 19Gb of data. The morale of the story is in understanding… Read more »

Sceduled Backups

I was listening to a podcast about different ideas for backing up your family’s data the other day and have been thinking about the best way for backing up ours. I’ve recently bought a 0.5T hard disk which is just great for this sort of… Read more »