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Awesome anamorphic illusions


I came across this amazing set of anamorphic illusions the other day which I just had to share. Anamorphic illusions are based on the perspective of the viewer and work by fooling you into seeing something that isn’t there. Check out this video: Awesome isn’t… Read more »

Dr. Alin Alkass Known as the sensitive dentist opens new off

Dr. Alin Alkass has opened his own dental practice on Elston Avenue in Chicago after working with other dentists for seven years. His new office is called Smiles on Elston, and his aim is for all his patients to smile when they attend their dentist… Read more »

The Japanese Nuclear Crisis Explained – in a cartoon!

Here’s an interesting cartoon I came across, aimed at explaining the Japanese nuclear crisis in the way that kids could understand. The great thing about it is that there are some concepts that even some adults don’t know: how the crisis compares the the Three… Read more »

Who’s going to win?

photo credit: kagey_b It’s been interesting seeing the Online Gaming companies in the Isle of Man go from strength to strength. I was aware that there were a couple of companies operating a sportsbook in the Isle of Man; but I am pretty surprised, not… Read more »

A great use of ultrasound

I don’t tend to blog much about medical technology, but I did come across something that was interesting, especially for us blokes. It’s about prostrate cancer, which is the second most common cancer diagnosed in men. A lot has been written about prostrate cancer, but… Read more »

I’m in the Top 3 Isle of Man Twitter accounts!

“There are lies, darned lies and statistics” is a quote that has probably done it’s time. It’s should read, “There are lies, darned lies and web stats”. Statistics are important but it’s quite amusing to spot the bias from one stats engine to another. For… Read more »