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Third Thursday – 19th June 2014 – #smc

Love Coffee

And once again Third Thursday is upon us, time for the Isle of Man Social Media Club to get together for lunch and a chat. And what do we talk about? Well, whatever’s new in the world of Social Media, whether it’s new tech, new… Read more »

Third Thursday – 15th May 2014 – #smc


You wouldn’t believe it, but Third Thursday falls on the 15th of the month this time, so early that I almost missed it! But thanks to @programx noticing that Facebook had taken the liberty of changing the IOM.SMC page without notifying anyone, I thought I’d… Read more »

Third Thursday – April 2014 – Social Media Club

2012-10-18 13.02.38

Third Thursday is upon us once again, and as usual, the Social Media Club is meeting for lunch. It’s an opportunity to meet up with people you know online, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other Social Network. We meet to talk about… Read more »

Third Thursday – November 2013 – Coffee Exchange #smc


The cold weather is starting to kick in, and what better way to spend your Third Thursday than in the company of friends; your Social Media friends in this case! Yes, it’s time for Social Media Club, which happens every Third Thursday of the month…. Read more »

4 Facebook Users Who Deserve An Immediate Background Check

20120106_012941_0001 Dummy Magnified

Facebook is the king of social media, there’s no doubt about that. It’s almost strange if you meet someone who doesn’t have a profile, but then again there are some people who probably shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook because they’re just plain creepy. When you… Read more »

Third Thursday – October 2013 – Coffee Exchange #smc

Love Coffee

Third Thursday is upon again, and this time we’ve decided to shake things up a bit! Yes, this time we’re going traveling and have decided to meet in a different location, based on comments and promises that new and exciting Social Media Personalities (I’m looking… Read more »

Third Thursday – September 2013 – Social Media Club

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.

So Summer is practically over and Autumn is upon us; and once again it’s time for Social Media Club to meet up. It’s a regular meet-up for people interested and invested in Social Media. Some of us use it in our job, for most of… Read more »