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Learning about Reverse Mortgages


It’s pretty surprising how many financial instruments there are out there. Some you may be familiar with and some not. That’s particularly the case as different countries have different ideas and products that are introduced from time to time. For example, today I came across… Read more »

Building a blog to retire off the proceeds? Think again!

And interesting post on Techmeme started my day this morning called Time To Hang Up the Pyjamas. It was an article by Daniel Lyons who had set up a highly-trafficed blog called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs a couple of years ago. The gist… Read more »

Making Money Online

I just came across some links that are all about making money online. How to make money on the Internet – Blogging Why Most People Fail Online How to Make Money Online Without Spending a Cent Why The Job-ification of Your Passion Can be the… Read more »

How much do you earn?

I came across an interesting report today that’s an IT Salary Survey for 2008. It’s a survey conducted by Global Knowledge, a global leader in IT and business training together with TechRepublic, an online magazine and social network for IT professionals. The report comes up… Read more »

Bank of England Rate stays steady

Looks like the Bank of England has kept interest rates steady at 5.25%. There was a drop only recently so I wasn’t expecting them to drop any further, but like anyone with a mortgage, I would have minded too much if they had gone down… Read more »

How low can you go?

Like most of the people in the UK (apparently) I owe lots of money to the bank. Not that I borrow money on a regular basis or that I overdraw my credit cards, but rather I had borrowed hundreds of thousands of pounds a few… Read more »

Mortgage Comparison

It seems that there are more and more comparison sites springing up on the Net. It’s a great medium for that sort of business, as one can now automate comparison across different services as more and more companies push their offerings online and provide APIs… Read more »