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Info about BitCoin and other cryptocurrency stuff

Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin, bitcoin photo

Yesterday I ran an unconference session at Singularity University where we discussed cryptocurrencies with specific reference to Bitcoin. I just wanted to share some links to resource that I mentioned for anyone who wants to continue the discussion: Bitcoin Explained : Short video about Bitcoin…. Read more »

Here’s another HoneyPot

organic growth

I haven’t done one of these in a while … but one of the features of this blog used to be posts consisting of a collection of interesting stuff to distract you with. So without any further ado, here’s the latest HoneyPot: Hola – This… Read more »

Check out my new Moo cards

2012-10-29 14.38.28

So, a couple of days ago I received my new Moo cards. Well, I was sent an offer to try them out for free, all I had to pay was shipping. I went for these cool mini cards that come with different coloured backs. Check… Read more »

Here’s another Honeypot

photo credit: Thomas Shahan Looking for some interesting websites to visit? here are some cool sites to visit. Isle of Man Twestival – Celebrating social media and raising money for charity. Come join us! Tools 4 Noobs – Some great hacker tools and utilities 5… Read more »

A Friday Honeypot

I’ve neglected this blog for a few days, which is unusual, due to a number of other projects and bits I’ve been involved in, but it’s time for a HoneyPot from all the links I’ve saved up for you. Here we go: Let me Google… Read more »

Some Twitter honey

We haven’t had a honeypost in some time and my bookmarks are just overflowing with interesting snippets for all of you to enjoy. I have so much to choose from that I decided to focus today on How Twitter was born: Some interesting insight into… Read more »

A Christmas HoneyPost

The time for good cheer is here and I’ve got a great collection of links to keep you entertained over the Xmas hols. I hope you have some time on your hands as there’s no better time to be distracted, especially as there’s a smattering… Read more »