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Multihoming and BGP

I’m looking into the possibility of multi-homed internet connectivity for a client and as usually happens in this sort of situation, I’m learning a whole bunch of new technology. Okay, this isn’t quite new, but it’s something I’ve never dealt with before, so a great… Read more »

Application Virtualisation

I came across a great post on Adam Hall’s blog talking about aspects of application virtualisation. I’ve only come across this recently to tell you the truth, with the rollout of SoftGrid here at IOMG, and have been pretty impressed with what the package achieves…. Read more »

Five things SOA vendors are missing

Excellent post by David Linthicum on Infoworld today talking about 5 things that SOA vendors need to do to get in order to be more successful. If you’re in the SOA space you’ll be able to relate to these points; especially if you’re on the… Read more »

The Twitter Debate

There are some interesting conversations on Techmeme at the moment discussing the merits and downfalls of Twitter. It seems to have been sparked off by Twitter falling over during the MacWorld keynote speech and made more public Dave Winer discussing whether Twitter would be more… Read more »

BizTalk 2006 R2 Released

After month of testing, it’s nice to see that Microsoft have finally pushed BizTalk 2006 R2 out to the world. Here’s the blurb: With the introduction of the fifth full version, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 builds upon the Business Process Management and SOA/ESB capabilities in… Read more »

Bringing the Publish-Subscribe to a webpage near you ..

Google has opened up some new potential in their Gadgets API by allowing gadgets to communicate with one another. As you can imagine gadgets on a page can either be there or not, so communication has to be loosely coupled between the two. They achieve… Read more »

Fallacies of Distributed Computing

I came across a Wikipedia page on the Fallacies of Distributed Computing. Read these and tell me if they ring any bells: The network is reliable. Latency is zero. Bandwidth is infinite. The network is secure. Topology doesn’t change. There is one administrator. Transport cost… Read more »