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android Archives

Awesome Inflatable RC Android – hours of fun!


A few days ago I got my hands on a RC Inflatable Google Android ‘Pump and Play’ inflatable toy. As the name suggests, it’s an inflatable remote control device shaped like the Android mascot. And as my friend Nathan was so quick to point out,… Read more »

Get all your Manx travel info on your Android phone


I’ve just pushed out a new version of my latest Android app: Isle of Man Travel Intelligence. It started off like an older app I had written, showing arrivals and departures from the Isle of Man airport. I’ve now added arrivals and departures at the… Read more »

Disassembling the Samsung Galaxy S II

So, you’ve spent an absolute fortune on a spanking new phone: the Samsung Galaxy S II, indeed an awesome phone, and you feel compelled to take it apart. Well, no fear, here’s someone who has gone through the trouble for you. You’ll note it took… Read more »

The pain of 64-bit – Java SDK, Android SDK & Titanium Developer

It’s been a few years since 64-bit operating systems have been around and you’d expect that by now that would have been properly bedded in. I’ve moved onto 64-bit Windows with my new laptop and I’ve been pretty pleased to find that I’ve had no… Read more »

Lockscreen Gestures – Best Cyanogenmod feature of 2010

I’ve been running the Cyanogenmod Rom on my Nexus 1 almost since the day I got it. It has the best enhancements, battery life and speed of the ROMs I had originally tested before making my mind up. There probably have been new ROMs springing… Read more »

What Android apps are you running?

I’ve come across a great service called AppBrain that lets you manage your Android apps and pick more using a great interface. It also has a cute widget to showcase what’s installed on your phone. Here’s what’s on mine: Owen’s Android apps on AppBrain Awesome… Read more »

Welcome – Google Nexus One

The latest gadget at home is my new phone, the Google Nexus One. It’s only been 6 months since I got my HTC Magic, but that’s been handed down to Camille (who had been borrowing it every now and again) and needed a handset replacement…. Read more »