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Strategy and Tactics for Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Perfect Company

Not too long ago, search engine optimisation was a comparatively straightforward process. You aimed to get as high as possible in search engines results by using some basic tactics, that included identifying competitive keywords, creating content using these keywords, and pursuing inbound links from as… Read more »

Label your discs the professional way with CD printers

CD stack 02

There are many sophisticated types of CD printer on the market today, making it simple and easy, as well as cheap, to print your designs on to CDs or DVDs. Whether you are creating CDs or DVDs for home use or making copies to give… Read more »

Bootstrapping a Software Product

Khar Zakh (Black Market), Ulan Bator, Mongolia

I just came across a great set of slides put together by Garrett Dimon the creator of Sifter, a bug and issue tracking software package. He talks about the leaps needed to go from creating something to developing it into a fully fledged company. It’s… Read more »

Why is SEO like lipstick?


I must have still been a bit sleepy this morning while driving to work. You know how it is, the mind wanders, your creative juices start flowing and you start making connections that weren’t so obvious before. My train of thought this morning was how… Read more »

Getting your project off the ground

I was reading an interesting post on the NTEC Blog that talked about 3 sources of funds that they were pointing companies who worked with them at. They talk about Johnson & Johnson Seed Grant Funding, the NSF’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Program and one that… Read more »

When cybersquatters try the extortion game

Image via Wikipedia An interesting case at work today, where a website owner got targeted by a company/individual who had registered a number of domain names relevant to them and was trying to sell them at £3000 a pop. As you can imagine, the website… Read more »

Do you “get” Social Media Marketing?

Here’s a great video you might find interesting: Don’t discount the first few minutes of the video, Perry talks through the basics of social media, then puts together a flow of how the Marketing side of it works. He compares social networking websites to a… Read more »