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Distracting the Mind with Information Overload

Newspapers reporting what they read in Social Media

Artis struisvogel leest krant van oppasser / Ostrich reads newspaper of caretaker

I just love this news release on the local newspaper website: It’s fantastic to think that some news editor somewhere saw a Tweet and decided that a 3-line news article was needed, without any context, any investigation, any journalistic value. No wonder newspapers everywhere are… Read more »

Join us for a 3-legged race


Guinness say that “achieving a Guinness World Record is much more than a simple fact: it’s a means of understanding your position in the world… a yardstick for measuring how you and those around you fit in”. In 2009 468 dedicated Manx pairs captured the… Read more »

Third Thursday – March 2013


It’s time for Third Thursday again, which as you all know means time to meet up with your favourite Social Media Club. For those who have never been, we get together over lunch to discuss, chat and reminisce about what’s going on in the Social… Read more »

Bassbuds – Launch Competition!


Some time ago I had blogged about a set of headphone I had got my hands on called Bassbuds. I was particularly impressed with the design of the product though they were probably better suited to someone a bit younger than me Anyway, what I… Read more »

Awesome Inflatable RC Android – hours of fun!


A few days ago I got my hands on a RC Inflatable Google Android ‘Pump and Play’ inflatable toy. As the name suggests, it’s an inflatable remote control device shaped like the Android mascot. And as my friend Nathan was so quick to point out,… Read more »

Bootstrapping a Software Product

Khar Zakh (Black Market), Ulan Bator, Mongolia

I just came across a great set of slides put together by Garrett Dimon the creator of Sifter, a bug and issue tracking software package. He talks about the leaps needed to go from creating something to developing it into a fully fledged company. It’s… Read more »

Playing with my Watchbot


So, a couple of weeks ago I got my hands on a Watchbot, a wifi-connected webcam that can be controlled from your computer or your phone. I’ve been wanting to play with one of these for a few years now. You may remember the early… Read more »