Third Thursday – November 2015

Third Thursday has come around again and as Jabberwocky doesn’t have their big space any more, we’re moving to Bar George where I’ve booked us a table at 12:30. We’ll try this out and if it works well, we’ll keep this as our regular Third Thursday meeting place.

In case you’ve never joined us before, Third Thursday is a forum for tech enthusiasts to meet up and socialise over a meal or a couple of drinks. We started life as the Social Media Club but gradually morphed into a group of friends who meet to network, talk about technology and share what we have learnt over the last month. We still discuss Social Media, but also talk about phones, operating systems, cryptocurrencies, mapping and whatever the flavour of the month happens to be. I’ll bring along an Augmented Reality demo that Microgaming built this month, just to spark some interesting conversations.

We’re a pretty open group and welcome anyone new who wants to join us. So, if you’ve never been, have something to share or just want to learn a bit more about the technology that surrounds you, then come and join us. We’re at Bar GeorgeĀ at 12:30 on the 19th November. Hope you can join us!

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