A festive Third Thursday

It’s Third Thursday this week and some of us are getting together for a rather more festive Social Media Club lunch. If you’ve never come before, we’re a group who are interested in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the spate of new Social Networks continually emerging on the scene. We meet once a month to share what we’ve learnt, help and inform each other and catch up on tech news and events that have happened over the month. It’s an open forum, open to anyone who wants a chat, so feel free to join us if you want to learn more or feel you have something to share.

This Thursday will be the last meet-up of this year and bound to be more festive than usual 🙂

Come and join us for some healthy debate about Social Media, new platforms and tech in general. We’ll be meeting at Jabberwocky on Thursday 18th December at 12:30. Join us if you can!

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