Landed at #websummit

I’m at Web Summit in Dublin for a couple of days and I must say, I’ve been blown away by how massive this event is! There are over 22,000 attendees, more than 500 speakers and so many sessions and stands that nobody can hope to see them all. The names are a veritable Who’s Who of all the people and companies who make our technological ecosystem today; from new startups to old giants, from VR and self-driving cars all the way to traditional software vendors and household brands.

And it seems like the whole of Dublin is geared to the event too. Everyone I speak to asks me if I’m here for Web Summit, even people with no link to technology. There are banners in the streets and stands at the airport. Finding this place was way easier than I expected.

And what a magnificent morning it has been so far. We’ve heard from Oculus, Stripe, Evernote, New Relic and many more. And this was just on one of the 7 stages holding talks around the venue! Should be a fantastic few days. Looking forward to learning lots and meeting tons of people!

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