Grip It Fixings – A superior way to hang things!

As you probably know, the British Isles are my second home; I was born and raised in Malta, where the sun shines every day 🙂 Well, one thing that I never came across before coming to this beautiful, cool country was plasterboard! Back in Malta, houses are built from stone (limestone to be exact), and if you want to hang something on the wall you hammered a nail in and hung whatever you wanted to hang.

Meeting plasterboard for the first time was an experience. I hammered a nail in and found it went straight through and didn’t quite manage to hold anything up. It took some time to figure out that there were different ways of dealing with this, and with the right fixings you could hang anything you wanted. I’m older and wiser today, but I have discovered something that would have made is so much easier!

Grip It Fixings are a brand new innovation that makes hanging things on plasterboard really easy and you can hang items weighing up to 180kg on them! They received national exposure after successfully appearing on Dragon’s Den and getting funding to help them grow.

Here’s how they work:

I gave them a try this weekend and must say that they’re really intuitive. Once you drill your hole and position the fixing, you simply use a screwdriver to extend the fixing’s arms and and it’s ready to hang anything you like from it. I wish I had these so many years ago when I first met plasterboard.

Try them out if you get a chance. If you want to learn more about Grip It, you can find them on Twitter and Facebook. We also have a rafflecopter if you’d like to try and win some:

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